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We specialise in preserving couples wedding flowers before setting them in custom made silver and gold jewellery.

Our team takes great pride in working with couples special memories and we love turning them into beautiful keepsakes they can wear each day- with the hope they will one day pass these memories down to their children and their grandchildren!

Our techniques and jewellery are unique across Australia and world wide!

Our preservation methods have been developed to ensure each couples flowers are protected by a harder and more scratch resistant material, whilst their flowers are preserved in UV resistant material to increase the longevity of their flowers vibrant colours. 

Our team have experience and expertise in fine jewellery manufacturing and scientific preservation methods, this ensures our jewllery not only looks amazing but it is designed to last. 

Every piece is custom made to order in our Melbourne studio, our team takes each couples flowers and dries them using specialised techniques before hand designing each piece of jewellery to best display the couples flowers. 

Preserved wedding flowers Melbourne

Previously dried bouquets-

We also work with flowers from couples weddings who have been married in the past and have dried their themselves, as flowers which are air-dried often lose their vibrant colours however retain their sentimentality.

We also work with families to provided preservation methods for their own unique memories, we have worked with families in preserving their loved ones favourite flowers as:

  • Gifts for mothers day and fathers day

  • To celebrate their graduation from school and university

  • To celebrate the birth of new family members.  

Our team has also worked with families to preserve the memories of lost loved ones through preserving a family members favourite flower or flowers from a family members funeral wake. 


Rachél José is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and jewellery, we take pride in preserving each couples and families flowers, if you have a special request please contact our friendly team and we can discuss accommodating most requests. 

We look forward to preserving your most precious memories! 

Rachél José 

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