Preserved Flower Designs

Each piece of jewellery is unique and no two flower designs are the same. Each piece is preserved by hand to compliment your flowers.

We specialise in the below two main design styles, 3D and Flat-Lay.

3D design examples

Our 3D designs are bolder ways to wear your preserved flowers.

We specialise in crafting tiny flowers out of your floral elements, hand cutting petal hearts and also preserving your smaller floral elements in one beautiful 3D design.


A 3D design featuring a small flower made from different elements from the couples bouquet.


A 3D design set with a rose petal cut into a heart and also floral elements from this couples wedding arrangement.

49900012_348138549351423_3682529939120193536_n (1).jpg

A rose gold 3D design set with different petals and elements from the couples wedding flowers.

subtle 3D.jpg

A more subtle 3D design- featuring a Flat-Lay background and small 3D elements.

Flat-Lay Design Examples

Flat-Lay designs are a more subtle way to wear your preserved flowers.

Our most popular Flat-Lay styles include the below layered designs and also flat 3 and 4 petal designs.


A Flat-Lay design with layered flower petals and leaves of native Australian plants.


A 4 petal Flat-Lay design.


A couples wedding flowers preserved in a subtle 3 petal design.