Bouquet and wedding flower preservation. Flowers preserved in custom made jewellery. Bouquet and memorial flower preservation.



We believe your special moments should last a lifetime, this is why we preserve your flowers into beautiful and unique keepsakes.


The memories we have of our special events and moments bring us so much happiness and joy.

These powerful emotions are stored within great stories and are brought to life when reminiscing about the details of these special days. Our jewellery is designed for every day wear, as a way to capture those memories from your big day and to share those stories fondly with those around you.

Our jewellery is crafted using the highest quality of materials and each flower design is hand preserved, this is to ensure each design meets and exceeds our strict quality standards.

Rachél José Jewellery is unique in Australia and world wide, we love working closely with families to ensure their flowers are preserved into the most beautiful and unique keepsakes possible for them to enjoy and cherish for years to come.

Through preserving the sentimental flowers from your event, your unique piece of jewellery becomes a one of a kind keepsake of your special day. We hope each design will inspire those close to you to feel love, create and share ideas on how to make their own important day just as memorable.

We work with families all across Australia!

(Free postage Australia wide)

Melbourne based studio!

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